This dark room, 

These smothering thoughts,

I put my fists through these walls,

Trying to break free,

But with every brick I break,

Another thicker one reappear,

My hands covered with bruises,

My bones all have been broken,

With only a dim light in front me,

To lighting up my way,

I stand up and try again,

Ignoring what’s around me,

But I am feeling tired,

For just a moment I stop,

And take a look around,

I am stuck in empty room,

Dark and void,

Alone and estranged,

Only voices of my own head,

Echoing inside,

Telling me to stop,

There’s no way out,

But letting go is hard,

I can’t accept this fate,

Neither stay and wait,

I must try till the end,

Never give up nor bend.

By Hino Black




When I write I put pieces of me in my writings, So I feel part of my heart is being Vulnerable and exposed to all, My soul feels naked for everyone to see,When I put my writing out there it’s like someone is watching me through the window,In the middle of the night,Yet I write my heart and soul, I write and I strip my soul and heart piece by piece,Because writing release the chaos in my thoughts, and give me a room in my mind to organize my thoughts.
By Hino Black

Emeralds Tears

و عندما يصبح الشوق مجرد كلمة،
من دون أهمية او معنى،
عندها يصبح الوقت مجرد دقائق،
تمر و تمر من دون عائق،
و تصبح دموعنا جافة كأحجار الزمرد،
و كل صباح الابتسامة في وجوهنا تغرد،
لحن حزين ممزوجا بعطر الورد.
And when the longing becomes just a word,
Without significance or meaning,
Then the time becomes only minutes,
Passing and passing without hindrance,
Our tears become as dry as emeralds,
And every morning the smile in our faces sing,
Sad melody yet mixed with the rose fragrance.
By Hino Black


Autumn’s Golden Sheets

” ”
Now soon winter will come after treacherous October,
The leaves showered off the trees,
Making golden sheets covering the ground,
The downpour,rumbling in silent screams,
The sun came out again, sending great shutter-shadows fleeing across the fields,
I sit there for hours,facing my thoughts alone,
All the memories were jumbled together in no chronological order at all,
It’s that time of autumn,of an endless fall,
My restless tears soaking my face,
Making my cheeks colder with every breeze,
My feet caressing the falling leaves,
My hands holding a book I read,
While my eyes roaming across the gray skies of October,
I inhale this cold air,
I exhale my burdensome fear,
Once more I go through it all,
Another careless whispers of autumn wind.
By Hino Black



Perhaps I am just trying too much to be righteous in a world full of wrongful convictions,Perhaps I should swing towards the darkness rather than the sun, Maybe it would be much easier to just fly with the swarm instead of hovering away from it,But what If I can’t ? what if I just can’t fly with whom I don’t belong to ,What if I just stay true to myself despite the hurt and the abandonment,What if I refuse to be a sheep nor a wolf.
By Hino Black


Sweet Rain Drops

The rain is falling endlessly,
And my heart is beating helplessly,
I can’t bear to smile tonight,
There’s a chaos in my thoughts,
My tears disguised themselves under the rain,
Now they seem like drops falling,
The weight of my pain so heavy,
I can’t move one more step,
So I let myself get wet,
So I let my tears fall,
So I let my heart cry,
So I let my mind to pause,
And I stand in the rain,
Without a shelter,unsafe,unprotected,
While the sweet rain drops,
Get mixed with my salty tears,
Maybe then only then,
My pain will be mixed with happiness,
And new dawn will come,
To vanish these clouds of sorrow away.
By Hino Black


Weeping Flute

I hear it from far away,
Rain drops over the hill,
In rhythm with my tears,
My aching is like a crying flute,
Crossing through my heart’s chambers,
Bouncing from wall to wall,
Crawling through my blood veins,
Burning the life out of me,
Yet I keep singing with my pain,
And dancing in the rain.
By Hino Black